Dan Price’s World


Occasionally I’ll pop over to read what’s new at The Path Less Pedaled. Russ and Laura tour around the country on Brompton folding bicycles and Amtrak trains (and that’s cool all by itself). I was excited to see that they stopped by Joseph, Oregon and visited with Dan Price for a bit. I’ve been a fan of Dan’s for a long time now and love his book Radical Simplicity – I keep a copy on my desk as a visual reminder that life is what you decide to make it. His book and story were one of the earliest motivators that set me on the path to simple living and inspiring me to do more with less. If you’ve not checked out his book I hope you will consider reading it. He also regularly publishes small zines full of stories and his ingenious art. He offers them to the public in volumes called Moonlight Chronicles.

So Laura and Russ made a short video with Dan and it’s really cool to not only hear Dan talking about his life but to see the areas where he lives. Russ and Laura did a great job in the video in offering glimpses of where Dan does his thing. We get to see his workshop, a little bit of the hobbit hole and various other parts of his meadow. It’s just enough to whet your appetite and make you want to go visit Dan yourself someday.

If you’ve not opened yourself up to the world of Dan Price I hope you’ll do so now. Here’s another video interview¬†from 2003 made by Oregon Public Broadcasting.

The picture above is from Russ of The Path Less Pedaled.

One thought on “Dan Price’s World

  1. I understand the desire for a simple life, but this man had two small children. How did he provide for them with his simple life? It may sound great, but from what I can learn of him, he sounds like a deadbeat dad. Maybe I’m wrong, but I haven’t found information to the contrary.

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