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Today’s guest post from David William of Almost Bohemian is part of Simple Black Coffee’s Favorite Things series. Submit your story to share.

I’ve been following Simple Black Coffee since I first saw Craig’s ‘Your Favorite Things’ post with Joshua Millburn. I was actually the lucky winner of his gorgeous $300+ Allen Edmonds dress shoes. I enjoy seeing the strange and absolutely different things people deem their favorite.

As a minimalist myself, there isn’t much I physically own that isn’t my favorite thing. If it isn’t something I am crazy for, I simply get rid of it.

The few things I choose to own are all things that excite me and have a specific purpose to me.

It’s difficult to pinpoint that one thing I’d be determined to save from a fire. Specifically, my custom surfboard by the insanely talented Eli Mirandon, my 1947 CZ motorcycle (same as James Deans first bike), and my meticulously restored 1944 Remington Rand typewriter (I’m a sucker for love letters) would all be in the running.

surfboard and typewriter

But even those things I could replace. What I count as my most prized possession- my favorite thing- is not even technically mine.

1978 yamaha guitar fg340

It’s my mom’s 1978 Yamaha FG-340 acoustic guitar. My dad bought it for my mom brand new way back in the day and I sort of, well, ‘inherited’ it since it wasn’t getting much play anymore. I’ve since become the most accomplished musician in my family. My mom can forget ever getting it back. :)

The tone is deep and beautiful; the strings sing sweeter than a Beatles melody.

So that’s my favorite thing: my mom’s guitar. Oh, and the 6’x9′ world map circa 1984 also ranks up there.

Today’s guest post was written by David William of Almost Bohemian. Follow him on twitter @almostbohemian.

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8 thoughts on “Favorite Things | Guitar

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  2. A favorite thing that you play very well. I love the photo with the world map in the background. Great guest post! I am very proud. :)

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