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Today’s guest post from Rob of Simple Llama is part of Simple Black Coffee’s Favorite Things series. Submit your story to share.


My favorite thing is not a physical item. It’s both a web service and a piece of software called Simplenote. Since I write from many different places, it’s important to have my drafts and ideas with me. Simplenote does exactly that for me. I can pick up my iPhone, open up a draft and add some thoughts no matter where I am – at lunch, in line at the store, wherever.

When I’m at home, I can create / edit notes from my iPad, or my iMac. In fact, using the web service, I can access my text files with any computer. No matter where I am, if I have access to the internet, I can write. As a writer, nothing else is more important.

Today’s guest post was written by Rob of Simple Llama. Follow him on twitter @gl3media.

The next Favorite Things post will be from Sam Spurlin of The Simpler Life.

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