Favorite Things | Safety Razor

Today’s guest post from Bernie Mack of Get Off This Wheel is part of Simple Black Coffee’s Favorite Things series. Submit your story to share.

My favorite item is a Merkur Double Edge Safety Razor.  Before the safety razor, I viewed shaving as a daily chore.   With the safety razor, shaving is more of an event that I look forward to every morning.  There is just something “old school” about using a shaving brush and mug soap paired with a single razor blade.   It’s simple, elegant and pure.  Once you master the proper shaving technique, it will produce the closest shave possible!

Saftey Razor

Over a six-month period I am only spending about $4.00 for mug soap and $2.50 for razor blades (10 cents each – one blade per week.)  This is also very “eco” – there are no metal aerosol cans and no plastic refill cartridges to discard!

Today’s guest post was written by Bernie Mack of Get Off This Wheel. Follow him on twitter @bernie_GOTW.

The next Favorite Things post will be from Serena of The Everyday Minimalist.

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19 thoughts on “Favorite Things | Safety Razor

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  2. I couldn’t agree more – I have a Merkur Futur, and it’s a great razor. Simple, functional, not a lot of hassle, not a lot of consumables (blades, that’s about it!)

    I’m loving this series!

    • And I love the selection of double blades that are available. I am always trying new ones – even though I have to say I am partial to the “Lord’s platinum” from Egypt.


  3. Craig and Bernie…awesome. I stopped shaving years ago in part because of the cost and disposable factor. Use a beard trimmer with rechargeable batteries but still need to shave and clean up!

    Have been looking for an old barber’s razor for a permanent solution with nothing to dispose of. Your idea comes a close second and is very minimal in waste.

    Thanks, will share with my twitter users.

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