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Today’s guest post from Andrew Odom of Tiny r(E)volution is part of Simple Black Coffee’s Favorite Things series. Submit your story to share.

For nearly an hour now I have been going back and forth with Craig about what I could possibly offer up to the blogosphere about my favorite thing(s) and why they keep my world spinning. Let’s face it. I could write about a number of things. I love my MacBook Pro. I love the little house I grew up in. I love photographs of strong women. Heck, I even told Craig I was going to write about the little plastic spindle that keeps toilet paper unrolling so effortlessly in those moments of need. I was nervous that my post would seem ridiculous next to the likes of some of the other guest writers. But my life is pretty real. It is pretty down and dirty, to be honest.

For those who have never read Tiny r(E)volution, the life my wife and I lead is half minimalist, half crunchy, yet fully spiritual. We have recently moved from my family’s farm in middle Georgia to our own piece of land in eastern North Carolina. All at once we are building our own Tiny House, clearing a half acre for living, setting up edible gardens and beds for indigenous plantings, completing our off-grid power/water system, having our first child, and working a – dare I say it – a 9 to 5’er. So for me, my favorite possession is a pair of ‘ol brown boots.

'Ol Brown Boots

I don’t quite know where I bought my brown boots. They are made by Georgia Boot so I imagine I got them at a feed and seed near home but I honestly can’t remember. I bought them out of necessity, kept them out of love, and speak of them as if they were a living, breathing entity. Since purchasing them they have built homes in the Appalachian mountains, they have turned Earth in middle Georgia, they have waded through floods in the midwest, they have walked countless miles, they have survived Project333, and they have been rescued from a small brushfire. I can’t imagine not having them.

My wife tells me regularly that I need to get some new ones but like an old friend I can’t find a proper replacement. They know me; they know my feet. They look as good with khakis as they do with overalls. They work and play like no buddy I have ever had and they protect me as no weapon ever could.

Today’s guest post was written by Andrew Odom of Tiny r(E)volution. Andrew is also an official blogger for the Farmers’ Almanac website. Follow Andrew on twitter @andrewodom.

The next Favorite Things post will be from Bernie Mack of Get Off This Wheel.

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16 thoughts on “Favorite Things | Work Boots

  1. This is one of the best favorite things posts yet! I like the truth and simplicity here. A good pair of work boots is something you can only really understand and value when you have a pair yourself. Thanks for this read! :)

    • My wife tells me regularly that I need to get some new ones but like an old friend I can’t find a proper replacement

      I wonder if Andrew has seen that I included a link to what I think are the same boots at the Georgia Boots website…should he desire a dressier pair for evenings out. ;)

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