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My Favorite Items (And Why I’ll Give Them To You For Free)


I made it a point to get rid of many of my favorite items recently (e.g., my favorite shirt, my favorite jacket, my favorite book, etc.). I did so to prove (to myself) that these items don’t have any real meaning (viz. it’s just a shirt or it’s just a book).

Favorite Items:

That said, If I had to pick a favorite item, it would be my pair of Allen Edmonds dress shoes. They go great with a suit or jeans. Speaking of jeans, I really like my J. Crew jeans; it took me a while to find a brand that fits my lanky figure (6’2″, 160 lbs.) the right way. And speaking of J. Crew, my current favorite shirt is a blue and white striped J. Crew button-down shirt.

These things don’t define me though. So if any of your readers want me to give them any these items for free, have them drop me an email—jm[at]themins dot com—and write a sentence or two about why they want the item(s). I’ll happily give up any of these items, they don’t complete me.

Joshua's Shoes

Free Favorite Items Details

  1. Allen Edmonds Dress Shoes. Color: Chestnut. Size 9.5D (like size 10 running shoes). Value: $325 (new). They sort of look like these without the captoe
  2. J. Crew Vintage Slim Jeans. Waist: 32. Inseam: 32. Value:  $98 (new). They look like these (but a shade lighter)
  3. J. Crew button-down shirt. Color: white with blue stripes. Size: Medium. Value: $70 (new). Looks like this (but a bit lighter)

Ironically—and somewhat strangely—I’m wearing all three items as I type this.

Oh, and I’m still not purchasing any physical items this year so I won’t be replacing these items either.

UPDATE: The shoes have been requested by someone and Josh will soon be shipping them to their new owner in San Diego. 

Today’s guest post was written by Joshua Millburn of The Minimalists. Follow him on twitter @joshuamillburn.

The next Favorite Things post will be from Kevin Lemere of Ground Up Life.

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