Week 1: My Life Minus…

Each week of 2011 I’ll publish a post detailing what I’ve gotten rid of that week. If you are interested in what I’ve purged prior to the start of 2011 you can check out the page marked My Decluttering.

Week One saw these things go….

1. knife – I had a sheath knife for some reason. Bought it at a garage sale a couple years ago thinking it was going to be some form of personal protection I suppose. I gave it to a friend who shares a mutual friend that collects knives. This way I don’t have to figure out how to get rid of a knife. I’m better off opting for the baseball bat in a time of need anyway.

2. keychain – I know, it’s small, doesn’t free up much space. But it’s a keychain in the shape of a C, the first letter of my name. When we went to Disney World several years ago I purposely looked for it, I wanted to buy it. I had regretted not getting one when we were at Disney a couple years prior to that and was excited when I finally located one the second time around. What happened? I used it for a month or two and then it went into a box of stuff because, haha, I don’t really like keychains. I prefer to just use the ring itself.

3. bag of clothing – stuff with stains and/or holes that I cleaned out during my prep for Project 333. I don’t have an item count, but it’s about 30 gallons of stuff (trash bag size.) It went to Goodwill where they¬†bale unsellable clothing and sell it to salvage companies that transform them into industrial rags.

4. foursquare.com account – I liked foursquare at first, and I used it. But then I got aggravated by posers who didn’t follow “the rules” and just checked in wherever they wanted (like my workplace, even though they don’t work there.) They were getting mayorships for the sake of collecting them even though they didn’t truly go to those places. It didn’t matter in the real world but I spent time on it anyway. Pointless. When facebook introduced Places it became a better method for me to share locations when I chose.

5. getglue.com account – If you’ve not heard of this site it’s foursquare for entertainment. You can check in to movies, music and TV shows and earn stickers. It’s kinda lame and I got tired of waiting for it to be cool.

6. Fast Company Magazine subscription – Great magazine! I love Fast Company and will continue to read it online and “like” it in facebook to get updates. I just never read the paper magazine as timely as I should and I got frustrated that I had magazine clutter around and also frustrated that I couldn’t commit to reading the damn issue. Easier to not renew my subscription and gain peace of mind.

7. Backpacker Magazine subscription – Another great magazine. I love reading the gear reviews and discovering the new outdoor stuff available. My reasons for not re-subscribing are these: I have no money for new gear, I -again- failed to read the physical magazines on a timely basis, I felt they wrote a LOT of articles about cool places I could go hike if I lived on the east or west coast and not so much where I could go from here in the middle of the midwest, and the articles tend to repeat themselves every couple years so it’s time for me to wait for things to become fresh again. I follow them in facebook and can read the articles on the website so I don’t need the magazine.

Not bad for a week I suppose, but I could have done better.

2 thoughts on “Week 1: My Life Minus…

  1. Great concept here with the My Life Minus. Very inspiring. I surely feel you on the Backpacker. Total rehashing quite often. Oh, I had no idea that unsold Goodwill items were turned to rags. I like ’em even more now! Keep up the awesome work!

    • Thanks for stopping by Jody. The My Life Minus is a good idea but unfortunately I’ve not put a post up about it for 3 weeks now. Mostly because I’ve not gotten rid of much in that time. I’m currently having a battle with myself about whether to have a garage sale this spring or just make a massive haul to Goodwill. I have a feeling I’m going to end up with a yard sale and then a trip to Goodwill. That’ll be a heck of a post that week :)

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